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Antique Rug Guide

Antique Rug Guide

An antique rug can bring life to any space. Antique rugs are often rich in pattern and color and are celebrated as a statement piece. Furthermore, they also complement various aesthetics. However, shopping for an antique rug can feel a little daunting. What should you look for? How to choose the right one? This article provides some tips to answer these questions and aims to help you make an educated decision when buying antique rugs.

Antique Rug

Narrow Down Your Search

When you are decorating a space, it is best to either start with a rug or finish with it. You can either decorate around the antique rug or purchase the rug according to the furniture in your room. Check the color schemes, regardless of whether you want a low pile or high pile, saturated colors or unsaturated colors, as well as the design.

Measure Your Space

Getting the dimensions of the room is also important. In this way, you will have an idea of the size and shape you are looking for. As a general rule, there should always be at least 6-12 inches of space from the wall to the edge of the rug. Don’t buy the antique rug the exact size of the room as it will become a wall-to-wall setting, which is not a good look.

Antique Rug

Origin Matters

The origin of the antique rug matters a lot. When it comes to origin of the rug, you want a piece with Eastern origin. Kazak and Caucasian rugs are a good choice and they both come from a region of Turkey. If you are buying a Persian rug, then make sure it is from Iran. Malayer and Mahal rugs are also a great choice.

Look for Handwoven

You want to get an antique or vintage rug that is handwoven. It is recommended that you check the back of the rug to make sure it is not made by a machine.

Embrace the Fade

The irregularities in handspun yarn create a gorgeous dimension and depth to color that is further enhanced by sun fading and weathering. Significant fading of the antique rugs is an indicator of quality and durability. So, you should embrace the fade when buying antique rugs. However, make sure that the design of the rug is not completely lost due to fading.

Antique Rug

Vet the Seller

If you are purchasing the antique rug online, then it is highly recommended that you look at the customer reviews to make sure that the products are authentic and those who have purchased from the store are satisfied. The more you interact and research, the more you will trust what you are purchasing is quality.

Go with Your Gut

When it comes to buying an antique rug, the most important thing is that you love it. You should buy the one that draws you in. Buying an antique rug is like buying art. A significant part of finding an antique rug or carpet is appreciating its overall design. So, make sure to buy the rug that you really love.