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Guide To Buying A Vintage Rug

Guide to Buying a Vintage Rug

A vintage rug can always radiate a vibe of antiquity with its punctiliously-intricate design, which can be used pretty much in any area of the house. It adds a sense of history & aesthetics to the house, giving off a grand vibe and pretty much acting as a decoration piece to the house, with their coruscating style. These often come in lot of colours, which partly help the house in livening up it a bit. But getting the kind of rug that you want can be a challenging task and hence, a little guide on selecting the best would help.

  • Make your search more streamlined: Reputed dealers in this business recommend that it when it comes to decorating areas of the house, it’d be better to start with a rug. You have to select the right kind of rug with enough saturation that blends with the surroundings.
  • Compute the area: Another critical step that cannot be missed is to fathoming the size of rug you want for that specific area. To do this, the dimensions of the space/room should be known, which would significantly help you and keep any regrets at bay.
  • Expect not the perfect rug size: Since these are vintage rugs we’re after, understand that they might not always come to a customer’s specifications. They might falter between being too long at one side or being a bit insipid for your taste. And if luck doesn’t favour you the right size of rug, then you might as well place the small rug atop a bigger one.

  • The quality is important: The place where a rug is made holds a lot of weight as it varies from place to place, with middle-eastern ones topping as the best. The Turks have always been adept in manufacturing these since a very long time. They combine a melange of geometric design with traditional elements to showcase a gratifying look.
  • Handwoven is hands-up the best: Rugs that are made diligently by putting a lot of time turn out to be real quality material. Ensure that they are handmade by flipping the rug and looking for the tag. Manufacturers these days hoodwink customers by using certain chemicals to make rugs more traditional and old.
  • Let achromatism find a way: Do not despair if the rug you brought starts to show signs of fading color & becomes more irregular. This only makes the rug more unique and gives it its tinge of originality. It can be perceived as counter-intuitive, but signs of fading actually reveal the authenticity of the quality of the rug.
  • Change if it becomes frayed: The originality of the rug would surely be exposed when it goes threadbare but all the same, you do not deserve to continue seeing a dismal tattered rug which would actually diminish the quality of the ambience; put it out of its misery.