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How To Determine The Age Of Your Antique Rug

How to Determine the Age of Your Antique Rug

If you’re someone who values a nice quality rug for interior home decoration, the age and condition of the rug you own or are interested in buying should be of importance to you. Rugs come in a variety of material options, colors, designs, and patterning. Determining the age of your rug can be challenging given the fact that there are so many variables to consider. While there are many things to inspect when trying to figure out the definite age and value of a rug, you can use some simple techniques to make the process a lot easier.

Persian rugs are regularly appraised due to their unique patterning and handmade weaving process. When it comes to what separates a premium carpet from a run of the mill one is age, older carpets that are in good condition tend to have higher valuations due to their rarity. The factors that determine the age of a rug largely depend on the method used to infuse color, the technique used to wave the material, the type of fabric used, how well it’s taken care of, and more.

Many antique rug enthusiasts have different metrics upon which they based their determination for how old a rug is. Traditionally, antique rugs are considered to be anywhere from 75yrs-100yrs old however some individuals consider a 75yr old rug to be semi-antique. Persian rugs aged at around 50yrs are at the base criteria for what is considered to be semi-antique, however determining the difference between a true antique and a semi-antique is quite difficult.

Material discrepancies in the way that the material is woven and how it has been preserved over time are all key indicators of a rug’s age. The tricky part is that some semi-antique rugs can actually look older than authentic antique rugs due to the way they were cared for. This is why determining the age of a rug is a very intricate process that should be handled by an experienced appraiser.

Rugs that are aged between 10yrs-50yrs are considered to be contemporary rugs, the categorization of these rugs has more to do with age than the actual pattern or design. Serious collectors want very old age because that is what adds value and exclusivity to a piece. No rug collector wants a piece in their collection that is readily available for purchase online.

Antique Rugs

They want something that has been around for years and comes with a story of its own, that is what adds satisfaction to collection rugs. Persian rugs are one of the most commonly collected types of rugs because they are created with such rich cultural meaning and symbolism. Collecting rugs is a lot like fine art collectors that seek exclusive pieces which have been around for years.

Being able to determine the age of a rug comes with time and hands-on experience because variables such as color, material texture, and quality can all be misinterpreted for false ages or valuations.