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If you are an antique enthusiast and have all kinds of antiquities at your home, then we bet that you are the proud owner of an antique rug as well. Few other items exude an air of classic vintage than antique rugs. For many, it can be nerve-wracking thinking of all the care that an antique rug requires. However we have some good news for you, there is not a lot that goes into it. Since antique rugs are designed to be durable in the very first place, all you need are some minor tips and tricks to keep your rug in mint condition!

  • Rethinking Standard Cleaning Solutions
    It is no secret that the multitudes of cleaning solutions currently available on the market contain a lot of chemicals. Although they might seem the ideal choice for cleaning your antique rug, they are often way too harsh and are not suited to clean antique rugs. The bleaching agents present in these solutions can cause the color of your rug to fade, or perhaps even fray the fabric on your rug. As an alternative, you can opt for organic and mild solutions with a combination of warm water to clean out your rug.
  • Trust Your Vacuum!
    By their very sound, vacuums can seem like very daunting agents, and you might think they are too harsh for your antique rug. However, it is essential to give your rug some credit as it is not as brittle as you might think. Antique rugs have already lasted a long time and vacuuming will not do them any harm. It is necessary to use a vacuum to remove specks of dirt regularly. Therefore, do not hesitate to go ahead with your vacuum cleaner!


  • Don’t Overdo It!
    Like any other thing, it is imperative that you remember that at the end of the day, overdoing anything can lead to disaster, even if it is cleaning! Most experts suggest that you send your antique rug for an in-depth and comprehensive cleanup about every five years. While this may not seem like it’s enough that is all you need, along with the regular cleanups that you do at your home.
  • Pitfalls To Avoid
    As they say, prevention is always better than the cure so keep a lookout for some pitfalls that you can avoid to keep your antique rug in prime condition. Firstly, try and rotate it regularly to keep a constant flow of foot traffic on it. Avoid placing heavy furniture on it and keep a lookout for any moth or termite damage. Last but not least, always keep it dry as a wet or moist rug is a recipe for disaster!

Antique rugs are a sincerely welcome addition to help spruce up your home, and with these helpful tips and tricks, you can easily maintain your rug and have it looking fresh and clean all year round!