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Signs Of A Quality Oriental Rug

Signs of a Quality Oriental Rug

If you are planning to buy an oriental rug, it must be difficult to separate the good one from the bad one. Well, the surprising news for most buyers is that the top-notch oriental area rugs do not come from famous artists; rather they are manufactured by small villagers with their own hands. But as the market these days is loaded with a wide range of art collections; buyers often get confused about how to pick the best one. If you are also into the same confusion; we are here to help you select the most appropriate rug for your home. Simply go through the details below and pick the top-of-the-line product online:

antique oriental rugs

Consider the material:

The quality of the antique oriental rugs is decided by the material that is used to design. There is no doubt to say that superior materials always lead to top-notch designs. Experts reveal that Persian rugs made up of high-grade silk or hand spun wool is a more appealing choice as compared to the duplicate patterns created with machines. When you move out to buy a rug, it is always good to look for the shine; it should not appear highly synthesized, rather display natural iridescence. If you are testing the silk material, simply pull one tiny thread from the oriental rug and burn it; you will observe smell same as burnt hair.

antique oriental rug

Technique and Skills:

While buying a Persian rug, you must look for the technique used to manufacture the product; it has a major impact on the value and quality of the rug. The most important consideration is to pick a rug made up with hands instead of machinery. Although the rugs designed using machines are beautiful and functional; but they are less valuable to the handmade collections. On the other side, the hand-tufted rugs are designed using petroleum-based rubber. They are designed using a mechanized gun. Experts recommend investing in handmade rugs that are knotted together using fingers. They usually last longer than the other two options and stay as beautiful as they are at the time of purchase.

antique oriental rugs

Knot & Pile Length:

Two more things to analyze while buying antique oriental rugs are the length of the pile and knots per inch. In order to evaluate the quality of work for these rugs, you may need to count the total number of knots per square inch. The super fine quality rugs are believed to have the highest number of knots in the smaller area.

Another important advice from experts reveals that rugs that have longer piles on one side are more likely to have lower quality. That is why the long pile type rugs are less durable; especially when compared to the shorter pieces.

Whenever you move out to buy oriental area rugs, it is always good to compare all the above factors so that you can choose the best one without any trouble. They can be used in traffic areas in the home or office while making a perfect match with your interior décor.